Vulcan stars

  1. Vulcan was the primary of the Vulcan system, in Sector 001 of the Alpha Quadrant.The Vulcan sun was so bright, as seen from the planet Vulcan, that it caused the evolution of the Vulcan inner eyelid.
  2. Planet: Vulcan A humanoid race, with copper-based blood, slightly green-tinted complexion and notably pointed ears, they are responsible in a large part for the founding of the Federation.
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  4. The Aegis Vulcan is a versatile support ship capable of refueling, repairing, and rearming other ships.Whether pinned down under heavy fire and in need of ammunition…
  5. Species trait: Known for their logical minds and stoicism, Vulcans have extreme mental discipline and exceptional physical strength behind their veneer of implacability..Vulcans’ force of will provides them with resistance to Psionic damage and any Placate or Confuse effects, while their physical strength increases their melee damage and…
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  7. Product Features Officially licensed Star Trek costume accessory One pair of Vulcan ears, k:vulcan star trek
  8. For the Vulcan homeworld, see: Vulcan.For the mirror universe counterpart, see Vulcan (mirror).SPECIES Vulcan Planet of origin: Vulcan Affiliation: United Federation of Planets Warp capable: 1440 AD Borg designation: Species 3259 Biology Classification: mammalian humanoid Environmental…
  9. Vulcan’s Forge, circa 2137.Vulcan is a harsh, desert planet with barely a quarter of its surface area containing water.It possesses a thin atmosphere and high gravity (1.4 G).
  10. The two jets operated in tandem during the Cold War and Falklands when the Victor, which has a wingspan of 110ft, supplied the delta-winged bomber with fuel in mid-air.

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